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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Matt Larson


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David Andree ǀ The Artist Is In

Coming up: Thursday, July 31
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Whether you’re a doodler, a draftsperson, or somewhere in between, pick up a pencil and get drawing. David Andree will be on hand for informal drawing demonstrations, gallery talks, lessons, and to share his personal philosophy of drawing. Over the course of the event various approaches to perceptually-based drawing will be explored, ranging from gesturally-based strategies, experimental mark-making, and different approaches to the materials. Drawings will be made on semi-transparent media which will enable participants to layer their drawings with other visitors explorations. As drawings accumulate from the evening, the works will then be superimposed to create new compositional structures.

David Andree is an adjunct professor of Fine Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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Désha Nujsongsinn, Ficciones Typografika 580-582 (24”x36”). Installed on July 21, 2014. More on Ficciones Typografika.

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New installation by Pip & Pop in Kurashiki, Okayama: Through a Hole in the Mountain


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