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Mysteriously Wild

Black and White Ball
Sep 26th, 2014

One week to go. Are you all ready???
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Back Alley Poster Show Designer
Erik Brandt’s world-famous garage gallery

For the past 15 months, Brandt, a professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, has been curating an outdoor poster show by an array of global graphic design innovators. He’s featured work by icons, iconoclastic young phenoms, and little-known student talents alike, mixing names likesEd FellaShiraz GallabFelix PfäffliReza AbediniJanneke Meekes, andTerrell Davis.

Brandt’s gallery is a 36 x 72-inch panel on the side of his garage in Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park neighborhood, a humble space that every Friday counts among its visitors the stinking truck that clatters by to haul off garbage. Come January, this is where the wiper fluid — and more critically, its methanol additive — comes in handy. “Even with hot, right-off-the-stove wheat paste you can see it brrrrrrrrrrt, foaming up,” he says, inserting a crystalline sound effect. “I figured out a way to add a splash of windshield-wiper fluid, and it worked. It gives you 10 seconds to work before it freezes.”

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Graphic Design: Form and Methods interprets Little Blue Book titles—a one week project. [KM]

Books (clockwise from top):
Kelsey Vetter (What great Women Learned), Alexander Sukhtipyaroge (Origins of Solar System), Kacey Medenwaldt (Striking Similies), Taylor Higgins (How to Think Clearly) and Tommaso Cappelletti [tommasocappelletti] (Airplanes and How to Fly Them).

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a very very very small sneek peek of a thing that I hope turns out well.


Nathan Motzko’s “Cool Pets” from Tom Garrett’s Intro to Illustration Class. September 17, 2014. [CH]